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א’ – ה’: 12:00-00:00
ו’: 12:00 – שעה לפני כניסה שבת
שבת: חצי שעה מצאת שבת – 00:00



Operations time Sunday – Thursday 12:00-00:00

Friday : 12:00- one hour before shabbat

MOTZASH Open 1/2 Hour after Shabbat till 00:00

Pizza in Modiin

Modiin’s residents soon will be able to order free pizza deliveries from Papa John’s .

The new kosher branch will serve not only excellent pizzas but also side dishes from unique menu that is constantly surprising with new pizzas to customers delight.

Papa John’s is the fastest growing chain in the world, and considered the youngest and coolest pizzeria chain which gives a fight to the largest chains in the world. The chain’s management always makes sure to surprise , innovate, excite and pamper the customers with benefits after each order and with a menu that is regularly renewed with pizzas and side dishes that can not be found in any other pizzeria.

Take for example the unique sauces

The unique experience of ordering Papa John’s pizza deliveries is based on the chain’s unique sauces , which have an international reputation , such as the legendry garlic sauce , the ranch sauce with a slightly sour and spicy taste that you can not stop eating , or the smoky barbecue sauce unlike any other barbecue sauce you already taste.

All of these sauces used as a base in some of the pizzas and also as sauces that you can dip in the pizzas and maximize the experience. Its impossible not to get addicted!

You can continue eat pizzas from processes raw materials and dough or you can order pizza deliveries from a brand that maintains the freshness and quality of the raw materials.

Papa John’s slogan is : Better ingredients, Better pizza and this is not an advertising slogan but a common guideline for all the chain’s pizzerias around the world. In terms of quality and freshness of the raw materials we have not competitors at all , so if you are looking for pizza in Modiin , its time to order the most delicious pizza in the world , from the right place.

For example , the best tomato sauce is made from fresh high quality tomatoes , which is the original sauce imported from the US and its used as the chain’s pizza sauce in all branches around the world, and the fresh dough is baked every day in Israeli factory , according to Papa John’s original recipe. So when you order a kosher pizza in Modiin you know that you are getting a pizza that has a uniform taste and is identical to the addictive and beloved taste all over the world.

The world starts to recognize the qualities of American pizza chains.

Papa John’s , the third largest pizzeria chain in the world, established thirty years ago, has become a strong international brand that produces American pizzas that have become a favorite of people around the world. And now you too can order a family pizza in Modiin from the international pizzeria that has come to delight you too with a rich and fine menu that includes new dishes and classic dishes in surprising and exciting flavors that you didn’t know like:

The Greek pizza comes with feta cheese , fresh tomatoes , purple onion , paparochini pepper , black olives , mozzarella and oregano.

The vegetarian pizza, with green pepper , onion , mushrooms , tomatoes and black olives.

Tulip pizza with 100% mozzarella cheese , black olives , corn, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Bianca pizza, with quality mozzarella cheese , perfect garlic sauce , feta cheese , black olives and purple onions. And plenty of great pizzas with new amazing toppings.

All the special pizzas come with side dishes that turn a pizza tray into a full meal , please note:

When you order a kosher pizza in Modiin , don’t forget to order some side dishes that will delight the diners and make you a complete , nutritious and satisfying meal which leaves a taste of more like:

Parmesan garlic bowls – 8 juicy dough bites with the chain’s famous garlic sauce with mixture of parmesan cheese.

14 units of Wonderfully flavored cheese sticks , Papa John’s fresh dough , topped with garlic butter and quality mozzarella cheese , with one of our perfect sauces for you to choose from.

Corn nuggets , a dish of 10 units of juicy and delicious corn bites baked in the oven , served next to a sauce of your choice.

Spicy rolls, a new dish that includes eight units of Papa John’s fresh dough , rolled in cream cheese and spicy chili pepper. Get ready to get addicted. And any other side dish you will find in our menu which will provide you with culinary experience that you didn’t know.

Papa John’s is an international pizzeria chain , the fastest growing chain in the world.

In Israel you can enjoy free shipping fron the chain’s branches located at: Tel Aviv , Ramat Gan , Givatayim , Rishon Lezion , Ashdod, Rehovot , Haifa , Jerusalem , Hadera , Kfar Saba , Rosh HaAyin and Petah Tikva.

So if you are hungry for something really good, its time to go our website , call the branch or open the app and order your pizza from the most powerful international pizzas brand in the world today!